Server management

With server management, we take care of the maintenance, updates, security and monitoring of your server(s). We maintain the server, monitor its performance and always resolve technical failures immediately. We also install, maintain and monitor custom applications for you on request.

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Voor de bedrijven die te klein zijn voor een eigen IT afdeling, maar te groot om het zelf te doen hebben wij het alles pakket. Met alles wordt je infrastructuur beheerd en krijg je toegang tot onze technische kennis voor al jouw IT vraagstukken, van aanschaf laptop tot welke internetprovider het beste bij je bedrijf past. Zie het als een helpdesk op afstand.

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Smart monitoring

Your server is connected to our smart monitoring system. You get insight into your entire server such as disk space, network, processor and memory. You can set smart notifications so that you immediately receive a message when your disk is almost full or your PHP script is using too much memory. A smart way to monitor, completely private and safe.

Nice to have

Cause & effect analysis

Servermeister always conducts an in-depth investigation to find out strange anomalies within your servers. In addition, incidents that do not immediately have an identifiable cause are registered. In this way we can discover patterns with possible adverse consequences earlier and tackle them preventively.

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What others think of our service

We are no traditional company, we work when it suits our customers. Our customers really only want one thing: That it works (again). And that a bunch of professionals have ensured that everything runs smoothly.

Servermeister has ensured that we are always available at peak times. Certainly during the broadcasts where the visitors are constantly reaching the thousands, Servermeister knows how to keep our websites and apps super fast.

Servermeister has convinced me with low prices, with low prices I am always extra careful because this often means that you get little service. Have been a customer for a year now and receive weekly support with support and this is “all in” with the price, no extra invoices. See no reason to switch, they also invest in the possibilities, I wonder what they will come up with later.

Meer dan 12 jaar ervaring

Wij leveren sinds 2008 veilige en betrouwbare IT oplossingen aan het midden- en kleinbedrijf. Dit doen wij altijd voor een betaalbaar maandbedrag en korte contracten.

Stop wasting time.

Never worry about your server park again. No more outliers in your IT budget. A managed server environment for one fixed amount per month.

Do you want more than just Server Management? Think of hardware, workplace management and support for employees. Within one fixed monthly amount.

You got questions, we got answers!

What does server maintenance mean

Like hardware maintenance, server management consists of the daily continuous monitoring of most parts of the operating system and hardware. We can also monitor the applications installed on your server (s) and take immediate action if necessary. This also applies to your backup and antivirus software on your server (s). You never have to check this yourself again, we do that for you every day. every month you will automatically receive extensive reports from us about the status of your server (s) and our activities.

What if my server goes offline?

If the server crashes, the entire company will stop! This can be prevented by good management on the server. Are all services running? Are the hard disks not nearly full? Have all updates been installed? Are the OS and programs up-to-date? So on! You no longer have to waste valuable time on this, we keep a close eye on everything and respond immediately if something threatens to go wrong.

Do you also work on location?

Many of our customers (with or without their own IT department) choose to periodically hire one of our certified system administrators. Remote is often possible, but more and more of our customers are also opting for a system administrator who periodically comes on site to support the optimization of the parts. For companies with their own IT department, an additional system administrator is an important means of increasing the knowledge and experience of their own IT department. We always link a permanent system administrator to a customer so that you do not always have a different face during the periodic system management.

What does server monitoring mean?

Nothing is more annoying than the unavailability of your environment without your knowledge. With Servermeister’s monitoring service, you will receive a notification immediately, day and night, as soon as your server no longer responds to a request. Depending on your choice, the notifications are sent by email or text message. Upon delivery of the monitoring service, Servermeister’s network administrators will contact you to coordinate the server and services to be monitored.

Do you also manage my control panel?

We provide server management for control panels such as DirectAdmin, CPanel and Plesk. This is standard in our package and you do not have to pay anything extra for this.

Should my server be hosted with you?

No, we are one of the few carrier neutral system administrators. It does not matter where your server is, as long as we have access to the server and the control panel in case of problems.

We work closely with the following hosting companies: TransIP, Digital Ocean and GoDaddy.

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