Kan ik .tickets domeinnamen bestellen?

More and more, people buy tickets for events they go to online. Many venues that host events don’t even have box offices anymore, requiring that tickets be purchased online. The .tickets domain name extension serves as a way for these businesses to easily identify a space to buy tickets. A.tickets domain name makes it easy for visitors to know exactly where to go to buy what they want, making the whole process much more user friendly and easy. Register a .tickets domain today and get those tickets sold out.

Registreer je .TICKETS domeinnaam direct via ons domeinregistratie formulier.

Door een .TICKETS domeinnaam te registreren scherm je je merk of product af. Daarnaast bied .TICKETS een prachtige marketingtool voor het verkopen van kaartjes of ondersteuning.

Een .TICKETS domeinnaam kan worden geregistreerd via onze reguliere domeinregistatie forumulier. De domeinnaam wordt direct geactiveerd. De registratie werkt op first-come-first-serve-basis.

Een .TICKETS domeinnaam kan worden verhuisd via een verhuistoken of AUTH code. Dit is een willekeurige code welke gekoppeld is aan jouw domeinnaam. Bescherm deze code goed, deze wordt eenmalig uitgereikt door ServerMeister.

Transfer Term 1 year .14
Transfer Fee N/A
Require Auth Code Yes
Require Renewal Yes
Renewal Fee See pricing on domain page
Country Commerce Shopping
Region Generic

Important Domain Name Allocation Rules

Applications during EAP and General Availability can be handled in two ways. The default method is known as Standard Track Processing. Domain applications under this method will be held in reserved Pending Create status for up to 30 days during which time they will be advertised on the registry’s website http://check.tickets. During the Advertisement Period, third parties with Eligible Rights in the Requested Name may submit Competing Applications for the identical domain name.

An applicant that can demonstrate eligible right to the domain name can bypass the Standard Track Processing by requesting Fast TrackProcessing within 5 (five) days of the applicant being contacted by the registry notifying the applicant of the registry’s receipt of the application. There is no additional fee for Fast Track processing.

Fast Track Processing and Eligible Right

An Applicant that can demonstrate having an Eligible Right in the Requested Name may bypass Standard Track Processing, including the Advertisement Period, by requesting Fast Track Processing.

In order to prevent the start of the Advertisement Period, Fast Track Processing must be requested by the Applicant within 5 (five) Business Days of the Applicant being contacted by the Registry notifying the Applicant of the Registry’s receipt of the Applicant’s Application from the Applicant’s Registrar. Requests made after this time will be rejected and the Application will be published on the Registry-managed website http://check.tickets via which third parties may submit Competing Applications for the identical domain name.

An Eligible Right in respect of a Requested Name is one of the following:
(a) A nationally or regionally registered trade mark registered in respect of tickets or ticketing goods or services; OR
(b) A name or other term that, while not registered as a trade mark, has been used in trade to distinguish the tickets or ticketing goods or services of one undertaking from those of another. What constitutes tickets or ticking goods or services for the purposes of this policy will be decided by the Registry at its sole discretion.

Applicants can demonstrate an Eligible Right based on a registered trade mark by providing the following information:
(a) The text of the trade mark as registered;
(b) The registration number of the relevant trade mark;
(c) The date of registration;
(d) The jurisdiction of registration of the trade mark;
(e) The name of the registered owner of the trade mark or documentary evidence confirming that the Applicant is authorised by the registered owner of the trade mark to make the Application and have the domain name registered to it; and
(f) The address of the registered owner of the trade mark.

All applicants are subject to Registry Enhanced Whois Verification Policy. More information about the .tickets policies can be found here.

Application fees are non-refundable.

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