Getting Started with ServerAvatar

ServerAvatar is an automated service for managing your WordPress sites and other PHP apps hosted with cloud servers on ServerMeister and other hostingproviders.

This series will discuss how ServerAvatar manages your server’s web stack along with how to add and remove servers to your ServerAvatar account.

  1. Server Requirements

    What kind of server can be connected to ServerAvatar.
  2. How ServerAvatar Works

    How to use ServerAvatar to connect a server and build apps easily.
  3. What ServerAvatar Installs

    The various packages on your server: some from Ubuntu’s repositories, others provided by us.
  4. How to Connect a Server

    The easiest way to get ServerAvatar installed.
  5. How ServerAvatar Configures Your LAMP/LEMP Stack

    A detailed description of how web requests hit your server.
  6. Reconnecting Servers

    Everything you need to know to restore your server from a backup.
  7. Cloning and Resizing Servers

    The right way and the wrong way to clone your ServerAvatar server.
  8. Deleting Servers

    Once you delete it, you can’t reconnect it.

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