Laat Servermeister je Zoho email configureren

This document explains how Partners can use Mail Control Panel (MCP) in Mail Suite to manage their customers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are registering a customer which is not yet associated with Zoho, then you can add directly customer details to “Add Organisation” option under Manage Customer page in above link. Once a customer registers using this link then that customer will be directly added to your account and it is not necessary to map or get token from that customer.

  • Please request your customer to generate a authorize token for Mail Suite using the following link: https://store.zoho.com/html/store/transfertoken.html
  • Your customer should ensure that “MCP Access” check box is selected, when generating the token.
  • Use the Map customer link in Partner store to apply the token and map the customer to your partner store.
  • Partner team will receive a approval request when you apply the token.
  • Once the partner team approves, you will again MCP access for your customer.
  • After that you can manage this customer from Manage Customer page under this link https://mail.zoho.com/cpanel/index.do. A sample page is given below:
  • Once you click the Manage click, it will take you to customer’s mail page. From there, you can click Subscription link to buy licenses.

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