Installeer de Linux agent achter een proxy

Servermeister.com agent allows proxy configuration for the below combinations. Proxy needs to be configured during the installation phase. Read more about downloading and installing the Linux agent.

1. Scenario 1 – user:password@proxyhost:proxyport

sudo ./Site24x7_Linux_xxbit.install -i -key=123456fd2dc1234a6a0cc9536d1b6ce0 -proxy=user:password@proxyhost:proxyport

2. Scenario 2 – user@proxyhost:proxyport

sudo ./Site24x7_Linux_xxbit.install -i -key=123456fd2dc1234a6a0cc9536d1b6ce0 -proxy=user@proxyhost:proxyport

3. Scenario 3 – proxyhost:proxyport

sudo ./Site24x7_Linux_xxbit.install -i -key=123456fd2dc1234a6a0cc9536d1b6ce0 -proxy=proxyhost:proxyport

Note: Replace xxbit with 32bit or 64bit as appropriate.


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