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Webhooks Integration

Our server monitoring makes it easy for you to connect your event data with multiple applications using Webhooks. Webhooks work on an event based output mechanism. Specific events generated in our system triggers the webhook, which inturn invokes a signal to the Hook URL via an HTTP request. Any trigger event in our system will post the event […]

Hoe werkt de auto-discovery van onderliggende applicaties?

Applications will be auto discovered once a Windows or Linux agent is installed in your server (Admin > Server Monitor > Settings). Enabling this option in Settings is a global action across the entire account. Alternative to this is the manual discovery of applications for each server monitor added. Use Case: A user has 1 […]

Hoe veilig is server monitoring?

The Servermeister.com monitoring agent poses no threat to the security of your server. The Servermeister.com server monitoring agent uses only one-way HTTPS connection which is firewall friendly and you do not normally need to open up any new ports to the outside in your firewall. More over the communication happens over HTTPS and the data […]

Restart the server monitoring agent services from Windows or Linux platforms

Follow the below steps to restart the Servermeister.com agent services based on your platform: For Windows platform – In the Windows home screen, navigate to Start and run the command services.msc This will open up the Services window. Search and select Servermeister.com Windows agent in the listed services and click Start the service For Linux platforms, execute the below […]

Standaard poorten voor het controleren van websites

Below are the various ports for both inbound and outbound connections: Website- 80 Web Application- 443 FTP – 21. IMAP – 143, but SSL/TLS encrypted IMAP uses port 993. POP – 110, but SSL/TLS encrypted POP uses port 995. SMTP – 25, but SSL/TLS encrypted SMTP uses port 465.

Installeer de agent achter een firewall

Servermeister.com server monitor is a cloud based monitoring service and hence cannot be installed as an application in your servers. Linux server monitoring is possible only using Servermeister.com Linux agent that can be downloaded and installed in your servers/desktops. Using Linux commands, the agent will gather server metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk […]

Response time and its components

Response time is comprised of four major components namely DNS time, connection time, first byte and last byte time. Let us consider a scenario to further explain these terms: A website servermeister.com is monitored by ourself. Firstly, we will resolve the domain names in our location- monitoring servers which is the DNS time. This is the […]

Hoe monitor ik mijn server?

Please follow the below steps to associate a resource check profile with your server monitor. Download and install a Windows or a Linux Server Monitoring agent on your server Once the monitor has been added, navigate to Resource > Add Resource Check Profile Add the required check to your monitor Set threshold values and be notified when it exceeds

Monitor database issues for OpenCart or Joomla websites

Database issues for websites developed using OpenCart or Joomla can be identified by enabling a Content Match. Configure your website response such that a particular text is always present during all success responses and absent during all error responses While adding a website monitor, configure the text that will be passed for every success response from your […]

Voeg een Linux server toe via de Azure extensie

Add a monitor via VM extension in Azure and view all your critical metrics in the Servermeister.com dashboard. Azure users can now add a Linux monitor in a more simplified way without the need to download the agent. You can add a Linux server monitor via VM extension using one of the three ways: Adding […]