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Response time and its components

Response time is comprised of four major components namely DNS time, connection time, first byte and last byte time. Let us consider a scenario to further explain these terms: A website servermeister.com is monitored by ourself. Firstly, we will resolve the domain names in our location- monitoring servers which is the DNS time. This is the […]

Monitor database issues for OpenCart or Joomla websites

Database issues for websites developed using OpenCart or Joomla can be identified by enabling a Content Match. Configure your website response such that a particular text is always present during all success responses and absent during all error responses While adding a website monitor, configure the text that will be passed for every success response from your […]

Wat is het verschil tussen website en SOAP monitoring?

Website monitor will support monitoring of any web application via POST, GET and HEAD methods of configuration. Learn more on the performance metrics provided for a website monitor. SOAP monitors , on the other hand, lets you to exclusively monitor the SOAP applications . The ‘ Get Operations ‘ link in the web client (Admin > Inventory > Add Monitor > SOAP Monitor) will […]

Eigen verkeer niet laten meetellen met Google Analytics

Traffic from Servermeister.com Web Application (Real Browser) monitor can be excluded in a couple of ways. 1. By creating a filter for Servermeister.com unique browser version in Google Analytics  Configuring a filter in Google Analytics console and excluding it from being shown in the Google Analytics View, is one of the best ways to exclude traffic from […]

Verschil tussen website en REST API monitoring

Website monitoring allows you to monitor your websites and web applications to ensure that they are up and running. Website monitor verifies the availability of specified, addressable, standard HTTP and HTTPS URLs from over 50+ global locations and also from behind your firewall. Content check for text content is also supported.  You also have GET, HEAD and POST […]

Wat betekend foutmelding: “Content Length Modified”

Under Threshold Configuration, if you have the option ‘Notify when website content modified’ selected, then any minor textual change on your website will reflect as a trouble alert. In the Servermeister.com portal, Log in and navigate to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Threshold and availability > Add Threshold Profile > Threshold Configuration > Notify when website content is modified Notify when website content is modified: Select the check […]

Response time in Website monitoring

In website monitoring, response time is calculated as the total time taken to resolve the DNS, complete the TCP hand-shake and download the full HTML output from the server. However, it does not include getting the images and other resources that are loaded within the HTML page. Note: The factors taken into account to calculate […]

Waarom zie ik soms pieken in de reactietijd van mijn website?

Response time is a combination of DNS time, connection time and  download time. Spikes in response time could be due to increase in DNS  time or connection time or download time. Some factors to consider: In case of increase in  DNS time, one way of resolving this is by configuring the option  “Resolve IP Address […]

Redenen waarom je website offline kan zijn

Website unavailability is caused due to lot of reasons. Some of the major ones are as follows: When the website is not accessible In cases when the response time of the website crosses 30 seconds If the HTTP Response code is 4XX or 5XX In case of authenticated websites, mismatch or invalid username/password Check your […]