Wat betekend foutmelding: “Content Length Modified”

Under Threshold Configuration, if you have the option ‘Notify when website content modified’ selected, then any minor textual change on your website will reflect as a trouble alert.
In the Servermeister.com portal, Log in and navigate to Admin Configuration Profiles > Threshold and availability > Add Threshold Profile > Threshold Configuration > Notify when website content is modified
  • Notify when website content is modified: Select the check box to get notified when there is a change or modification in your website content.
  • Notify when website content changes in percentage: Enter a value in percentage to get notified when the content in your website is changed beyond the specified value.
Note: You can either specify the threshold percent for content changes, which on exceeding alone you will be notified or specify keywords that are to be present under ‘Content Match’ tab

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