Deleting Servers from ServerAvatar

Deleting a Server from ServerAvatar

Deleting a server from ServerAvatar will only remove the server and apps from the ServerAvatar control panel. Deleting the server from ServerAvatar won’t remove anything on your server.

Once you delete a server from ServerAvatar, you won’t be able to reconnect it. From that point on, you’ll have to manage the server manually.

Deleting a Server at Your Host

When you delete a server from ServerAvatar, it does not delete the server at your host. For example, if you are on a paid plan with ServerPilot for a server at ServerMeister, deleting the server at ServerAvatar means that ServerAvatar will no longer bill you for that server. However, until you also delete the server at ServerMeister, ServerMeister will continue to bill you for the server.

Uninstalling ServerAvatar

If you plan to continue using a deleted server, you can uninstall the ServerAvatar processes from your server. To uninstall, please reinstall your server.

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