Zie bandbreedte gebruik van server

Servermeister.com Server monitoring provides information on critical performance metrics of a server. One among them is to check the bandwidth utilization of a server.

The bandwidth utilization is the amount of bandwidth utilized from the the total bandwidth available. This metric provides information on the server network communication. If the bandwidth utilization is high, the user can take necessary action to remove less important applications running on the server.
The bandwidth utilization of your server can be viewed by logging in and navigating to Server > click on your server monitor > Network

The following metrics are provided:
  • Bandwidth: Tells the speed of the network
  • Bandwidth utilization w.r.t the input and output traffic
  • Clicking on the value under bandwidth utilization, gives a graphical view of the average data sent and received for output and input traffic respectively
Note: The user can also share the attribute report via email or export it as PDF/CSV file by clicking the Share This button on the top right corner of the report

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