What does ServerAvatar install?

ServerAvatar installs various packages on your server. Some of these packages are from Ubuntu’s repositories.

Packages provided by us are designed to not conflict with packages from Ubuntu. However, if you install another webserver that runs on port 80, 81, or 443, your website’s may no longer work.

Apache 2.4

Apache listens only on localhost port 81.

  • To restart: sudo service apache-sp restart
  • Global log directory: /var/log/apache-sp

PHP  5.6

Your PHP apps are run using PHP-FPM.

  • To restart: sudo service phpX.Y-fpm-sp restart
  • Global log file: /var/log/phpX.Y-fpm-sp.log
  • CLI: /usr/bin/phpX.Y-sp


Postfix is installed so that your apps can send mail. Postfix is configured to only accept mail from localhost. ServerPilot does not manage email accounts on your servers.

  • To restart: sudo service postfix restart
  • Global log file: /var/log/mail.log


The ServerAvatar installer will set a random password for the MySQL root user. This password is stored in /root/.my.cnf. Therefore, if you run the commandmysql when logged in as the system’s root user, you do not need to pass the –user argument or enter a password.

  • To restart: sudo service mysql restart
  • Global log file: /var/log/mysql.log
  • Global error file: /var/log/mysql.err
You must log in as root to run sudo commands on your server.

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