Rescue mode for VPS

his guide will enable you to put your VPS in rescue mode in the event of needing to resize a partition, or simply to troubleshoot a problem on it. It also enables you to change your system’s kernel.
This mode also enables your VPS partition to be mounted in order to access its data at retrieve it before reinstallation.

Connecting to the manager

You must first log in to the manager using the following URL:


Netboot modification


Passing to rescue mode

Once logged in, simply use the “Rescue Mode” button to restart your VPS in rescue mode:

You will then be asked for confirmation to modify the Netboot and restart the VPS:

You will receive an email within 3 minutes containing the SSH access of your VPS in rescue mode:

You can log in to your VPS in SSH ( with the following settings:

- username: root
- password: xxxxxxx

A web interface is available for you to browse the
hierarchical structure of your file system:
- username: root
- password: xxxxxxx

You can now carry out the maintenance works required to restore your VPS. 
For example, you can:

- verify and eventually disable your firewall
- carry out a backup or data restoration
- verify and update your network configuration files
- proceed to manual verification of your file system
- verify and update your GRUB


Back onto hard disk

Simply use the “Restart my VPS” function on
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