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Apache versnellen

Server Limitations The MaxClients setting determines the number of Apache processes, and thereby the number of client connections, that can be made (pre-requisite: the pre-fork MultiProcessing Modules or MPM). If the MPM worker is running, it will restrict the number of threads that will be available for clients. The default Apache setting for MaxClients is 256, however […]

Herinstalleer je VPS

This guide will explain how to reinstall your VPS step-by-step (for any model). Reinstallation enables you to change the virtual server operating system, and to benefit from the latest distributions offered by servermeister. Warning, this could delete all data and personal settings on the server. Connecting to the manager Simply go to the following URL […]

Verander het ROOT wachtwoord op je server

This guide presents two scenarios: changing the root password. This is when you know your password for your current VPS Resetting the root password, when you have lost it Changing the root password To change the root password, you must: log in as root to the VPS using using SSH. Launch passwd command: [root@vpsxxxxx ~]# passwd Type the new password (it will not show on […]

Make Linux backups with Duply

Installation On Ubuntu or Debian Duply can be installed using the following command: aptitude install duply Configuration By using the duply <backupname> create command, a new Duply profile is created. Because read access is required for a full backup of all files in a directory, duply should be run with root user privileges. A duply profile is created in the user’s […]