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Can I use my SSL certificate with CloudFlare?

At the free level, there’s no SSL support on CloudFlare. At the Pro level and above, SSL is supported by CloudFlare. CloudFlare operate two levels of SSL protection – ‘Flexible’, which encrypts only the connection between the end user and CloudFlare, and ‘Full’, which encrypts the connection between CloudFlare and our hosting servers as well. […]

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a free content delivery network service. It stores your static content across multiple servers worldwide. For example, if your website is hosted on one our Dallas servers, and one of your visitors is from Australia, they will see the content from CloudFlare’s Australian location. It makes the static content of your website load […]

CloudFlare: Sign Up and Activate

CloudFlare integration enables websites to harness the power of the CloudFlare network to deliver the best possible performance, and to provide enhanced security and protection from attackers. CloudFlare also generates in-depth stats and threat analysis. To enable it, log into your online panel, and click on the CloudFlare icon in the ‘Software/Services’ section. The icon […]