Emails lezen in Zoho

Reading Mail

Zoho Mail provides easy to use options which can be customized to suit the unique preferences of the individual. The webmail interface provides flixible options to read, organize, forward or reply to emails. The Preview pane offers multiple actions to move the email to folders or add label or quickly set up a filter etc. You can flag and email or add the email as a task or the note. The contacts popup allows you to add the email addresses to contacts, view their CRM information and so on. The various actions and menus are explained in this section.

Message View Options

When you click on an email, the email gets opened in the Preview/ Tab or New Window, based on your Appearance Settings. To override the default option for a single email, you can right click on the email from the listing and choose your preferred mode of reading. Apart from that the Right Click menu has the options to directly reply or forward an email.

You can select ‘List mails from sender’ option, to view all the emails from the same sender, in the current folder.


Event Invitation

When you receive an event invitation by email, or an email with an ics attachment, the details of the event will be available in the email itself. You can directly accept/ decline the invitation from the email itself.

When you accept the invitation, it will be directly added to your Zoho Calendar, and will be available in the synced devices also.

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