Server monitoring IP update

We are adding a few new IP addresses and have removed a few from our current pool of monitoring locations.

Please refer to the table below to learn more about these IP changes:

Location NameIPv4 AddressIPv6 AddressDescription
Lima, Peru190.120.229.162800:ba0:2a:a1:efe7:61d4:ac9:30b8New Monitoring location
Mexico City, Mexico190.103.179.332800:ba0:6:c1:c058:8fff:fe8a:60ffNew Monitoring location 
Santiago, Chile148.163.223.195119.8.152.1452607:f740:56:10::38eAdditional IPv4 address and enabling IPv6 support 
Medellin, Colombia179.50.12.219 Additional IPv4 address 
Queretaro, Mexico Additional IPv4 address 
Montreal, Canada68.168.118.242 Additional IPv4 address 
Vancouver, Canada158.51.123.24 Additional IPv4 address
Houston, USA66.187.70.54  One of the existing IPv4 addresses has been retired 
Salt Lake City, USA172.98.94.101  One of the existing IPv4 addresses has been retired. 
Virginia, USA23.105.39.121108.62.123.84 Additional IPv4 address
Barcelona, Spain213.198.67.202 2604:6600:fdc0:fc19::/64 Existing IPv4 address and IPv6 address 2a04:b880:0:2::b94d:bd97 has been retired. 
Hanoi, Vietnam103.74.121.1342403:6a40:0:121::188:2001 Additional IPv4 & IPv6 address. 
Tokyo, Japan172.105.233.1872400:8902::f03c:92ff:fe64:d46a Additional IPv4 & IPv6 address. 
Sydney, Australia43.245.161.210  IPv4 address has been retired. 
Amsterdam, Netherlands185.20.209.0/24  Additional IPv4 address range. This change is applicable only to the customers who have subscribed to Europe datacenter
Dublin, Ireland217.163.72.0/24  One of the existing IPv4 range has been retired This change is applicable only to the customers who have subscribed to (Europe datacenter)
Shanghai, China118.126.63.128/25118.126.63.64/2643.250.146.112/28  Additional IPv4 address This change is applicable only to the customers who are subscribed to China datacenter
New York, USA   IPv4 address has been retired 
Fremont-California, USA   IPv4 address has been retired 
Chicago, USA   IPv4 Address has been retired 
Dubai, UAE   IPv4 address has been retired 

These IP changes will take effect on or before Wednesday, 21-October-2020. So, please make note of these IP changes and whitelist them in your firewall policy.

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