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How to Connect a Server to ServerAvatar

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install the ServerAvatar agent on your server. First, you’ll need to get yourself a server running 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 or 14.04. This should be a new server. Haven’t got one, see our Virtual Server prices on If your server provider instructed you to change your root password, be sure […]

How ServerAvatar Works

ServerAvatar is a cloud service for hosting WordPress and other PHP websites on servers at ServerMeister, Linode, Rackspace, or anywhere else. You can think of ServerAvatar as a modern, centralized hosting control panel. ServerAvatar does not provide servers, ServerMeister does. Instead, we make it easy to host PHP sites on your own servers. Those servers […]

What does ServerAvatar install?

ServerAvatar installs various packages on your server. Some of these packages are from Ubuntu’s repositories. Packages provided by us are designed to not conflict with packages from Ubuntu. However, if you install another webserver that runs on port 80, 81, or 443, your website’s may no longer work. Apache 2.4 Apache listens only on localhost […]

Getting Started with ServerAvatar

ServerAvatar is an automated service for managing your WordPress sites and other PHP apps hosted with cloud servers on ServerMeister and other hostingproviders. This series will discuss how ServerAvatar manages your server’s web stack along with how to add and remove servers to your ServerAvatar account. Server Requirements What kind of server can be connected […]

Deleting Servers from ServerAvatar

Deleting a Server from ServerAvatar Deleting a server from ServerAvatar will only remove the server and apps from the ServerAvatar control panel. Deleting the server from ServerAvatar won’t remove anything on your server. Once you delete a server from ServerAvatar, you won’t be able to reconnect it. From that point on, you’ll have to manage […]

Server Requirements for ServerAvatar

To use ServerAvatar, your server must meet the following system requirements: Operating System Ubuntu LTS 16.04 or 14.04 Architecture 64-bit Kernel >= 3.2 Virtualization Any (except OpenVZ on RHEL 6 or earlier due to its old kernel) Memory >= 256 MB To connect your server to ServerAvatar, your server must be a fresh server without […]